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DesktopThemes By Category
Contact / FAQ / Site Status Page.
PLEASE NOTE: This page is under HEAVY construction - Not all of the FAQs have been added yet.

Welcome to our new contact, FAQ, and site status page. Hopefully this page will answer your questions before you decide you need to contact somebody.

Current Site/Server Status: All servers running - No known problems.

Do you have a newsletter?
  • No, sorry, we dropped our newsletter.
Do you check these files for viruses?
  1. We check the files at the PC level and at the server level. However new viruses are being found everyday. We DO NOT guarantee anything about the files on this site. There is no substitute for having your own Anti-Virus software (And making sure the software is always up to date).
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I Cannot Download a File.
  1. Our server security does not support the use of download managers. If you are using a download manager please disable it prior to downloading.
  2. If the server responds with "File Not Found", chances are the author removed the file for one reason or another. Please use the search facility for a similar file or contact support via This Form.
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File Downloaded fine. I Cannot find it.
  1. On your TASKBAR click START, then SEARCH, then FOR FILES OR FOLDERS. This brings up the search window. Type in the file name you are looking for and click the SEARCH NOW button. If you do not know the exact file name refine the search by looking for files added today (Using the advanced search / date option) - Actually using the date search makes for a faster search anyway.
  2. If you still cannot find the file, try downloading it again, but this time make a note of where the PC is saving the file.
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File Downloaded Fine. I Cannot install it.
  1. Check the file size to make sure it is at least as big as expected. If not, it is probably a broken download - Please try downloading again.
  2. If you cannot unzip the file, make sure you have an unzip utility (Like WinZip) installed and running on your machine.
  3. In order to keep these downloads free, we wrap many of the files submitted to the site with advertising messages or software. If the file size looks right, but you are having problems with the pre-installer, please contact us directly via This Form.
  4. If you can get by the pre-installer, but are having troubles with the actual installation of the file, please choose your the type of file you are having problems with from the list below:
    DesktopThemes (Coming Soon).
    ScreenSavers (Coming Soon).
    Wallpapers (Coming Soon).
    OutlookStationery (Coming Soon).
    ICQ Skins (Opens a new window).
    WinAmp Skins (Opens a new window).
    HotBars (Opens a new window).
    MessengerSkins (Coming Soon).
    LinuxKDEthemes (Coming Soon).
    SurferThemes (Coming Soon).
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Getting message MSVCP60.dll is missing.
  1. This is that shared file that sometimes gets deleted by other programs being uninstalled but is needed for themes. Here is a link to self installing copy of the file (We take no responsibility for installing 3rd party applications - This was supplied by one of our authors)- MSVCP60.zip.
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File Installed Fine. Not all components showing.
  1. If you are using WinZip8 chances are that the 'Theme Wizard' is being used - Sometimes this causes problems. Either use the 'EXTRACT' option rather than trying to use the 'INSTALL' option or try to disable it (See below) and unzip again.
    • Open Winzip in 'Classic Mode'. If Winzip automatically opens in Wizard mode, click on the button marked 'Winzip Classic' to change mode.
    • From the menu bar select Options, then Configuration.
    • Click on the Miscellaneous tab.
    • Uncheck the box next to 'Desktop Theme/screen saver installation.

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File Installed Fine. I cannot hear any sounds.
  1. To be added.
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Everything is fine, but I need a password.
  • We do not own any of the files listed on this site and thus we do not have access to passwords. Please Click Here for the author contact form.
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My start and end screens changed. How do I get the original ones back?
  1. To be added.
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What is your privacy policy?
  • We are very committed to the online privacy of our visitors and our members and have a very extensive Privacy Policy. Please Click Here to view the complete policy (Opens a new window).
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What advertising opportunities do you have?
  1. To be added.
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Can I put the content on my site?
  • Yes and No. We do not own any of the files listed on this site so you will need to contact the individual authors for their permission. However, we do offer a "Portal" of our site that allows webmasters to use all of our content in the look and feel of their site. For more information on this, please Click Here (Opens a new window).
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How can I submit a file to you?
  • We have separated our submission site from our distribution site. All file submissions are now handled by FileSubmit.com. Please Click Here to find out more (Opens a new window).
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Something on this site is violating my copyright.
  • We respect the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. If you believe that your work has been copied, please see our Terms and Consitions for appropriate contact information (We will of course remove the files that are in violation).
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